Award Winning Film and Video Production Company

Houston Digital Studios provides full production, project consultation and coordination for practically any video or film need. HD Studios also provides in-house scoring, scripting, on-screen and voice over talent, uncompressed non-linear post, and even live production.
The experts listed above have provided services to countless projects and clients. Some of them include.

CBS Rushmore
CNN Breast Men
PBS The Con
BBC Rocket Man
KPRC-2 NBC/Houston The Faculty
Houston Sports Network A Face to Kill For
WGBH - Boston King of the World
The Discovery Channel The Last Man Club
The History Channel Where the Heart is
E! Entertainment Television Where's the Party. . . Yaar?
Lifetime Television The Way She Moves
1070 AM - Houston Space Station
MLB Productions Deadly Words
NBA Productions Face of the Serpent
Fox Sports Net Westown
Nintendo Weather X
Sega International Space Station
Interplay Deciphering the Human Genome
Sega GameWorks/ Universal
Better Home Designs
General Electric

Our production experts include such names as:

Billy MacTavish - Camera Support, Camera Motion, and Lighting/Gaffing (>20 years experience)
Tony Shields - Audio for motion picture (>19 years experience)
Erik Ribeiro - 3d Modeling, Animation, and Compositing (> 8years experience)
Brandon Good - 1st Unit Camera, 2nd Unit DP (> 10 years experience)
J.R. Rodriguez - Audio for motion picture, Grip, 2nd Unit Camera (> 7 years experience)
David Williamson - Writing, Directing, Producing (> 9 years experience)
Zoe Snyder - Writing, Graphic Design (> 11 years experience)


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