HD Studios stands ready to fill the varying needs of your production, from a single piece of tape-stock to Real Time Uncompressed 8-bit/10bit High Definition Editing Suite and Studio Rental (see Studio Rental section). We are constantly updating our inventory with the latest technology available, and in doing so we can offer our clients a one-stop shop for all your production equipment needs.
No customer is too big or too small and no problem is too big to solve. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our equipment and our ability to resolve technical issues.



Item List (please call for price quote):



  1. Professional Camera Package (DV/HDV with 2 XLR inputs)

  2. NewTek TriCaster PRO Live Switching and Audio Mixing, Live Editing and Live Streaming system

  3. Analog, DV and HDV Real Time Editing Suite

  4. Up to 8-bit Uncompressed High Definition Real Time Editing Suite with 4TB external RAID storage

  5. Portable Chroma Green Screen package with 10’ X 20’ screen and support system

  6. Teleprompter Rental

  7. Studio Rental