Studio Rental

Some of our clients choose to make use of our in-house production facility to mitigate the time and budget associated with expensive studio rentals. The use of the studio is at discounted rate for clients who choose to utilize our production services. Our studio is also available for rent, because sometimes production teams just need a studio.

HDStudios offers a 20’x30’x14’ professional shooting environment complete with pipe grid and 6,000 watts of available current from 8 ceiling mounted 110 volt easy access ports. The studio is 14’ high with a 12’ suspended light grid.

Our studio features a 20' (wide) X 10' (deep) X 12' (tall) Green Cyc Wall (rounded wall for chroma key purpose). We include two (2) X 2000 watt totaled at 4000 watt 3200K quartz instruments with barndoors for Cyc Wall background if you use our production services. We will also include several key lights totaled up to 6500 watt for you at no cost.

Our studio is just the right size and strength for many types of shoots. If it sounds like something you’d like to see, give us a call. We are happy to give you a tour of our facility.

Studio Rates:

$400.00 – Half Day Studio Rental
$650.00 – Full Day Studio Rental