First things first...

Our main objectives are a bit different than many sales persons at TV or radio stations. We are honestly interested in seeing your advertising produce a return on your investment, not just selling you airtime. Our goal in providing you completely honest advice is that you'll choose us in the future for all of your production and placement needs. If we want to achieve our goal, it's important that you experience success in your advertising through us.

Do you even need broadcast advertising?

Most advertisers who ask themselves this question are considering local broadcast ads rather than ditributed or national campaigns. Assuming local broadcast is what you are considering, consider this...

If what you are after is brand recognition, rather than an immediate return on investment, products and services alike should experience success from local broadcast advertising, provided that the ad is appealing to it's target market. Unfortunately, this type of advertising takes a long time to show success, and usually must be maintained for as long as the recognition is desired. Try this... Think of the most popular local furniture retailer you've heard of. Chances are, they came to mind because of a non-stop brand recognition oriented campaign.

If your offering is a product, rather than a service (i.e. your offering is 'The Wonder Widget'), local broadcast advertisement for your offering becomes a much more difficult journey. A national infomercial campaign (which is usually quite expensive) is typically a more successful way to sell products than local broadcast. We want to make it very clear that only certain types of products are successfully advertised through local broadcast mediums, and even then the strategy is different than advertising a service offering. If your offering is a product, call us before you spend your time or money on creating an ad. It is very possible that local broadcast advertising will not be for you. Let's make sure your ad investment is properly spent.

If your offering is a service, rather than a product (i.e. your offering is 'Charlie's Check Cashing Services'), or is a service WITH a product (i.e. 'Bubba's BBQ Restaurant'), you are much more likely to see success from your local advertising endeavors.

If you still aren't sure where you fit in all of this, give us a call. Keep in mind that if you call a broadcaster directly for advice, it is very possible you will be sold advertising time whether you need it or not. They aren't ALL like that, but it's common enough to beware. We have no interest in "selling" advertising to those who don't need it (see our goals in the first paragraph).

If you need a commercial produced…

If you don’t already have a commercial or would just like a new one, then the packages below might be of value to you. We offer a variety of production-to-air packages that include both the creation of the commercial, basic production, as well as the airtime for the commercial. The airtime packaged is for cable TV. Network affiliate broadcast plans may also be purchased, but the rates vary so greatly, we recommend calling us for the most current pricing.

If all you need is airtime…

Airtime can of course be purchased separately. To get the lowest rates on airtime for cable TV or local network affiliate, call us. Our rates are usually a bit lower than rates offered directly from a broadcaster, because of the discounts offered to us by the broadcasters. Aside from saving money, the REAL advantage in placing your ads through us is our advice. As stated above, we want your strategy to work. Sometimes salespersons at stations are only interested in selling the time slots.

What’s in a package?

Basic video/audio production and airtime are included in the packages below. As you probably know, rates can change dramatically depending on which station you choose to air. We’ve decided to make it easy. The Silver Package encompasses all cable stations available. The Gold and Platinum Packages offer choices between the top ten rated channels and the standard channels. The list of the current top ten is below. If you don’t see a package you like, we would love to design a custom air plan to meet your individual needs and budget. Feel free to call us anytime.


Standard Channels:
A&E ABC Family TLC
Discovery Channel CNBC TWC
ESPN E! Comedy Central
Lifetime FSS Galavision
Nickelodeon HGTV Sci-Fi Channel
TBS HDLN Cartoon Network
TNT History TV Guide

(The rates for local network affiliate can vary from just a few dollars to $15,000 (or more) per incident. If you’re curious about airing on a local network affiliate broadcaster, give us a call.)

Click on a package below to see what’s offered…

Production Rate

Silver Package

This package is designed for the advertiser whose primary focus is a cost effective TV ad solution. The pricing strategy takes advantage of the lower rates at off-peak hours. The basic production of the commercial as well as the airtime is already included in the pricing.

Gold Package

This package is designed for the advertiser who prefers a more aggressive strategy while maintaining cost effectiveness. This strategy is geared toward higher rated time slots, and offers the flexibility of choice between top ten channels and standard channels. The production of the commercial as well as the airtime is already included in the pricing.

Platinum Package

This package is for the advertiser whose focus is on a very strong and aggressive campaign. These time slots are chosen based on high ratings, and are geared toward a “FIXED” based strategy, wherein the advertiser chooses the programs during which the advertisements will run. The production of the commercial as well as the airtime is already included in the pricing.

Titanium Package

This package is similar to the Platinum package, but far more intense. The aggression of this package is also designed to offer advertisers who spend a great deal on print advertising a very powerful TV ad package to compliment or even replace their existing print budget quickly (based on ROI after 6 months). The production of the commercial as well as the airtime is already included in the pricing.

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