Houston Digital Studios’ maintains a philosophy that production shouldn’t be stressful… it should be fun. We live by this philosophy and encourage our clients to accept nothing less. If you’ve ever experienced production with another production company, we encourage you to try us. We guarantee you will fall in love with what we deliver as much as how we deliver it.

We are proud of our innovative approach to providing turn-key production solutions to clients with a wide range of needs and budgets. We are very experienced in guiding clients through the development of productions to be shown on video, DVD, film, TV, radio, and even web cast as well as large scale live stage shows and presentations. Every client has his or her own unique taste and needs that make a “general purpose” production company obsolete. We overcome the stale production company approach with a very client based methodology that is not limited by a stale production company work environment. Whether your audience is a suit and tie corporate meeting group or an audience of tattooed purple-haired adrenaline junkies, we know how to appeal to them. How can we be so diverse? Let’s go through the process…


First, our production consultants sit down with you to discuss the nature of the production. These development and consultation meetings are complimentary. During our initial meeting, we learn what information is to be delivered, what medium will used, what the desired outcome is, what kind of audience we will be approaching, and how large that audience is. We also begin to learn about the content of the program. In this first meeting, we examine what services will be needed to accomplish the production, and what the possible budget requirements will be. While these initial meetings are normally quite fun, it is often necessary for the client to take some time to consider new possibilities discovered during the meeting. Future development meetings are almost always necessary, and will remain complimentary until the production process begins.

During our second meeting, we finalize what content should be included, the kinesthetic (or feel) of the video, the people needed for the production process to create our work of art, and what our metrics will be (metrics are the measurable responses by which we calculate the success of the production). During this meeting, we also finalize the rough production plan and determine our first steps in accomplishing our goals. The budget, the plan for scripting, and the talent coordination are also finalized during this session.


Our next step is to contact you with the final detailed production plan and script for a green light (your permission to begin production). Once your permission is granted, we begin the production process. At this stage, you are free to relax. We handle every aspect of the production until completion. You are kept fully informed about the progress of each phase and are even encouraged to participate in the process as much as suits your comfort level. Our productions are never boring or stressful. We guarantee you will completely enjoy being a part of our production process.


Before a final master is made of any recorded production, we provide you with a temporary “answer print” of your project. You are encouraged to review the answer video, CD, or film and request any changes you would like happen. We continue with the fine-tuning until you are thrilled with the final product. We then professionally master and replicate the product as necessary to accomplish our final deliverable. If the production happens to be a broadcast commercial, we handle all of the airing arrangements, including the media planning and purchasing. Our media planners use the latest research from Nielsen, Scarborough, Arbitron, and other qualitative and quantitative information to ensure the strongest placement schedule possible. We do not charge for these types of services. It's very important to us that your production is a success and your expectations of us are exceeded. We know this level of dedication is what it takes to build long lasting client relationships.. We often become attached to the projects we are a part of, and we will bend over backwards to see them succeed.